“A Child’s Requiem” performed at UConn

Composer honors Sandy Hook Victims with “A Child’s Requiem”

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Children’s requiem a message of hope for Sandy Hook families

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Seeking harmony after Sandy Hook shooting

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Work Starts on Newtown-Inspired Child’s Requiem

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Lehigh Professor Composes Musical Memorial Inspired By Sandy Hook

Lehigh University Summer Composers Forum

Excerpts from “Small Steps, Tiny Revolutions”

performed by RIOULT dance company

Commissioned by Lehigh University and set to an original score by Steven Sametz, Small Steps tells the story of a young boy and his estranged father. The boy’s forbidden desire to dance leads him into the fantastic land of the shapes and his father’s poignant search to find him shows the transforming power of love. Whimsical sets, costumes and dramatic lighting create the environment through which the boy, his father and the audience make their magical and touching journey.

Geared for young people and family audiences, Small Steps actively involves local students in the creative process through a series of workshops, giving them a special opportunity to perform on stage with professional dancers.