Orison – A Child’s Prayer


trumpet & flute soli  (or other duet of treble instruments),
strings and harp



The Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra
Donald Speith, director

The Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra
Donald Spieth, director

Monocacy Chamber Orchestra
Donald Speith, director

Full score, ECS No. 6931, (2 treble Instruments, strings and harp)
set of orchestral and soli parts, ECS No. 6932

Program Notes

It was a great pleasure for me when conductor Donald Spieth presented the idea of a commissioning a new work for the Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra that would feature flutist Robin Kani and trumpeter Larry Wright, friends of mine for many years.  In writing the piece, I wanted to reflect the comfort and respect that seemed apparent to me in Robin and Larry’s long marriage. The flute and trumpet are united in the piece in the use of a single motive —  sometimes elaborated, sometimes taken to different tonal centers — which is the constant in the piece: two players united in one idea. The more I played with the piece, the more it actually started to be about Larry and Robin’s daughter,  Elizabeth.  I hoped to express the innocence of a lullaby or a child’s prayer.  The result was this work for flute, trumpet, strings and harp, Orison–A Child’s Prayer. It goes out with all good wishes for children growing up.