y berenjenas con queso
(and eggplant with cheese)


SATB a cappella

There is also a version for soprano, violin and piano



Wanton, Ravioli and the Dairy Queen
(version for soprano, violin and piano)

ECS #7383 (choral version)

Program Notes

Baltazar’s protagonist is in a quandary as to which of his appetites is stronger: his love of Inez or her cooking. Is the way to a man’s heart through his stomach?

Text / translation

Y berenjenas con queso
Tres cosas me tienen preso de amores el corazón,
la bella Inés, y berenjenas con queso.
Una Inés, amantes, es quien tuvo en mì tal poder, que
me hizo aborrecer todo lo que no era Ines.
Inés lo que non era Inés, lo que no era Inés,
una ocasiòn me dio a merendar, y berenjenas con queso.
Fue de Inés la primer palma; pero ya juzgase
ha mal entre todos ellos cuál tiene más parte en mi alma.
En gusto, medida y peso no le hallo distinción,
ya quiero Inés ya jamón, ya berenjenas con queso.
Servira este nuevo trato de esto mis nuevos amorres,
hará que Inés sus favores,
nos los venda más barato y contrapeso
si no hiciere razón pues tendrá
una lonja de jamón y berenjenas con queso.

–Baltasar del Alcazar


And eggplant with cheese

Three things have captured my heart with love,
the lovely Inez, and ham, and eggplant with cheese.
A certain Inez, lovers, is who had me in such power that
she made me detest everything that wasn’t Inez.
She kept me madly in love for a year
until one day she gave me (and) ham and eggplant with cheese.
Inez won first prize, but now it would be hard to judge
among the three which has the greater part in my soul.
In taste, measure, and weight, I find no distinction,
now I want Inez, now ham, now eggplant with cheese.
This new acquaintance with my loves will have the advantage of
making Inez sell me her favors more cheaply
for she’ll have to offset her,
if she is unreasonable,
a slice of ham and eggplant with cheese.

English translation S.S.