Arrangements & Editions

Calvary. Tenor solo and choir.  Published by Walton Music, 2007.

The Guiding Light. SATB with Orchestra.  Commissioned for the 6th Cycle Birthday celebration for the King of Thailand.  November, 1999

The Heroine Triumphant. Medley of 1890’s Melodies. SATB.  Oxford University Press, February, 2000

Irish Lullaby for the Christ Child. Gaelic poem. SSAA, soprano solo, optional harp. 1995. Published Alliance Music Publications (AMP-0088) 1995

Kas Tie Tadi. Latvian folk song. SATB. Alliance Music Publications (AMP-0087) 1995.

Kein Feuer, Keine Kohle kann brennen so heiss. German Folksong. SATB Oxford University Press, 1999

Ne sedi, Djemo (Bosnian Folksong)  Oxford University Press, 2002

Ngam Sang Duan (Shining Moon). Thai folk song. SATB.  Oxford University Press, 2000

Pai duli. Russian Folksong. SATB.  Oxford University Press.  February, 2000
Los Pastores. Chicano Christmas songs. SATB. Published by Oxford University Press, 2002

La Villanella. Italian Folksong. SATB.  Oxford University Press, 1999

Shenandoah. American Folksong. SSAATTBB.  Oxford University Press, 2002

Silent Night. Franz Grueber. SSATTB. 2005

Wondrous Love. Southern American folk song.  SSAB (may be used for congregational singing), handbells, optional harp. Oxford University Press, 2000