I Have Had Singing


SATB a cappella
SSAA a cappella
TTBB a cappella
SSATB with orchestra
(2 fls., 2 obs., 2 A cls., 2 bssns., 4 hns., harp, strings)


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Chanticleer, 1993

For the Berkshire Choral Festival by Charles and Betsy Meredith

Chanticleer on I Have Had Singing (Chanticleer Records); re-issued on Teldec Out Of This World, and Reflections.

The Princeton Singers on “I Have Had Singing” (Arsis) Steven Sametz, director

Steven Sametz Publications
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Program Notes

I Have Had Singing paraphrases lines taken from Ronald Blythe’s Akenfield, Portrait of an English Village.  In the 1960’s, Blythe traveled to the north of England interviewing farmers, plowmen, blacksmiths — people whose stories dated back to the early 20th century.  One subject, given the name Fred Mitchell in the book, was an 80-year old horseman who told his story of working a bleak, unfertile land in a life filled with little joy. In the midst of his story, he stopped and said, “But there was always singing; the boys in the field, the chapels were full of singing. I have had pleasure enough; I have had singing.” 

I Have Had Singing was written for the Berkshire Choral Festival, a summer amateur music festival. I Have Had Singing speaks to amateur and professional musicians alike about the simple love of singing and the lasting joy it can bring.


The singing.
There was so much singing then
And this was my pleasure, too.
We all sang, the boys in the field,
The chapels were full of singing.
Here I lie:
I have had pleasure enough;
I have had singing.


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